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    4 Benefits of Custom Lighting for Manufacturers

    “Custom” can sometimes feel out of reach. Custom suits, custom-designed cars, anything with a monogram – they cost more, they...

    Tags: Energy Efficiency, Manufacturing, Energy Services

    24/7 Production Really Needs Good Lighting

    50 miles north of Chicago, a manufacturing facility creates products designed to improve performance and protection on job...

    Tags: LED Lighting, Chicago, Manufacturing,

    Premium Lighting for a Premium Product

    Deep in the New Hampshire woods, a manufacturing facility creates some of the finest chocolate on the shelf. Committed to...

    Tags: LED Lighting, Manufacturing, Project Management

    Why LED Lighting Needs Custom Engineering + Agile Teams

    Replacing old fluorescent, metal halide and incandescent fixtures with modern LED lighting and controls is, without question,...

    Tags: LED Lighting, Energy Efficiency, Manufacturing,

    Making Manufacturing More Efficient

    Manufacturing facilities use a tremendous amount of energy – for heating and cooling, lighting, and operating equipment. In...

    Tags: Energy Efficiency, Manufacturing