Energy Efficiency in Higher Education

Posted by Shannon Shea on November 16, 2018

In the U.S., higher education facilities spend an average of $1.10 per square foot on electricity costs, 31% ($0.34) of which are lighting costs. In most colleges and universities, laboratory and residential buildings are the biggest energy users. At Harvard University, for example, while laboratory buildings make up only 22% of the buildings on campus, they use 49% of the total energy; residential buildings and dorms account for 18% of the university’s energy consumption. 

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Fairbanks Energy Services and RENEW Energy Partners Help Chelsea, Massachusetts-Based Signature Breads Save Over Two Million Kilowatt Hours Through Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Posted by Shannon Shea on August 9, 2018

Design and installation of LED Lighting and Building Management System by leading energy conservation provider has yielded an annual saving of more than $200,000 while securing utility incentives and rebates of more than $320,000

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FES Project Spotlight: Parking Areas

Posted by Shannon Shea on March 30, 2018

With near 2 billion parking spaces in the U.S., and a third of them being located in parking lots, the parking garage sector accounts for a significant amount of real estate in cities and towns nationwide. Within this market, building owners spend more than $6 billion to light their parking lots and garages. By upgrading traditional parking garage fixtures to LEDs, significant advantages can be obtained in regard to finance and safety.

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The Benefits of Modern Lighting on Parking Areas

Posted by Shannon Shea on March 21, 2018

As any seasoned facility manager can tell you, there are ample opportunities to reduce a company’s energy usage both inside and outside of their buildings. Production facilities, warehouses and labs often use the most power, but external areas, such as parking lots and garages, must not be overlooked. When prioritizing the energy optimization projects at your facilities, take the time to examine how these locations are performing.

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Fairbanks Energy Services Saves Edward-Elmhurst Health Over 15,000,000 kWh Annually Through Numerous Lighting Upgrades and Other Energy Efficiency Initiatives

Posted by Shannon Shea on March 20, 2018

Leading energy conservation firm has implemented a range of LED lighting and other energy saving solutions for Chicago-area healthcare system, resulting in a total annual savings of $1.9 million

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New York Local Law 88: Why the Right Time to Upgrade Your Lighting is Now

Posted by Shannon Shea on December 15, 2017
The impressive reductions in operating costs and energy usage from modern LED lighting have been a catalyst for the implementation of energy efficiency initiatives across the country. New York City, one of the largest and most energy intensive areas in the U.S., is no exception.
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Higher Education And LED Lighting Retrofits

Posted by Shannon Shea on May 26, 2017

LED lighting retrofits make a significant impact on energy intensity, usage, and efficiency in facilities at colleges and universities. Ross Fairbanks digs into the details in a piece featured at Facility Executive, featured below. 

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Free Money for Your Data Center Efficiency Project: Harness Utility Incentives

Posted by Shannon Shea on April 28, 2017
Adam Fairbanks, CEO of Fairbanks Energy,  authors a piece on utilizing data center incentives for your next efficiency project.  This blog post is a summarized version of the orignial article featured at Utility Post. Read the original piece here. 
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Is Your LED Lighting Good, Better, or Best?

Posted by Shannon Shea on March 20, 2017

Any retrofit to an LED lighting solution will immediately improve efficiency and provide your facility with energy and financial savings. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is one of many industry leaders currently stating that the efficiency measure with the greatest potential impact for energy savings in the U.S. today is the widespread adoption of LED lighting.

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LED vs. Fluorescent: Who Lights Up Better

Posted by Shannon Shea on March 14, 2017

Long before the invention of LED technology, the incandscent bulb helped to launch the era of modern lighting. Many improvements were made to incandescent bulbs over time, but researchers had still only figured out how to convert about 10% of the energy used into light. In the early 1900’s, Peter Cooper Hewitt created one of the precursors to the fluorescent lamp and this lighting solution developed from that point.

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