November 13, 2019 by Chris Recine | 2 minute read

    Hey NYC Businesses: Don’t Get Caught by the Carbon Tax

    At a time when climate change is a hot topic, lowering carbon emissions has become a top priority for cities across the US. At the forefront, New York City announced its Climate Mobilization Act...


    August 1, 2019 by Bianca Lonergan | 3 minute read

    How to Finance Energy Efficiency Projects

    Financing energy efficiency projects is a part of every sustainability initiative. Once a facility is audited and Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECOs) are identified, every company must tackle...


    August 9, 2018 by Bianca Lonergan | 5 minute read

    Cash flow positive: Financing energy efficiency

    Energy efficiency retrofits of existing building systems for large commercial and industrial facilities are one of the best investments companies can make to reduce their operational expenses. In...


    July 24, 2018 by Rob Golden | 4 minute read

    Efficiency is the Incentive in the Midwest Market

    Energy efficiency has become increasingly important for business owners to consider from the perspectives of both sustainability and cost of operations. Although rates vary across the 12...


    June 15, 2017 by Peter Fairbanks | 4 minute read

    Campus Energy Efficiency Programs: How It’s Done

    This blog post is an excerpt from "The Missed Investment: How College and University Endowment Funds Can Achieve the Highest and Safest Return" by Peter Fairbanks, President of Fairbanks Energy...