September 22, 2020 by John Owen | 4 minute read | Data Center, Energy Efficiency, Energy Services

    5 Useful Results from Integrated Data Center Automation

    The goal with data center automation is to allow data center operators to sleep at night. That’s the heart of it. The reality of managing complex,...


    September 16, 2020 by Kristin O'Connell | 6 minute read | Financing, Thought Leadership, Energy Efficiency

    Go (for the) Green: How Triple Bottom Line Links Sustainability & Finance

    Do you want to be sustainable or be financially minded? This has long been the narrative across many sectors and industries when running a...


    August 31, 2020 by Chris Recine | 7 minute read | Financing, Energy Efficiency, Grocery & Retail

    Profitability of Supermarket Energy Efficiency Projects

    Supermarkets are a staple in our society, some of the most important and most frequently visited commercial locations in the country. They also...


    August 20, 2020 by Tom Mahoney | 5 minute read | Healthcare, Thought Leadership, Energy Efficiency

    Why Healthcare Energy Efficiency is (Still) Such a Big Deal

    US healthcare facilities consume, on average, 2.6 times the energy of their commercial counterparts. Lifesaving equipment, surgeries, recovery...


    August 17, 2020 by Peter Fairbanks | 6 minute read | Financing, Thought Leadership, Energy Efficiency

    Energy Efficiency Investment ROI on Capital Spend

    Any business, whether for-profit or non-profit, typically makes difficult financial decisions every year regarding the allocation of dollars for...