Energy Insights

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    Inside a Hospital Energy Audit

    Commercial/industrial facilities engage engineers to perform energy assessments to uncover potential efficiencies. These...

    Tags: Healthcare, LED Lighting, Energy Audit

    Commercial Buildings in Winter [Energy Efficiency Checklist]

    Winter means colder temperatures, especially in locations across the U.S. like the Midwest and Northeast. And with those...

    Tags: LED Lighting, Energy Audit, Energy Efficiency,

    How to Get Utility Incentives for Data Center Efficiency Projects

    The data center industry’s ability to improve energy efficiency is massive. According to the latest U.S. Data Center Energy...

    Tags: Data Center, LED Lighting, Energy Audit,

    What to Expect from Your Energy Use Analysis

    An energy audit, or energy use analysis, offers insight in how your buildings are performing and the opportunities available...

    Tags: Energy Audit, Energy Efficiency

    A Prescription for Energy Efficiency in Healthcare

    Hospitals are among the most energy intensive facilities in the United States. With the rising cost of energy, many healthcare...

    Tags: Healthcare, Energy Audit, Energy Efficiency