The Evolution of Data in Managing Building Operations

Posted by Shannon Shea on June 27, 2017

In recent years, building management systems (BMS) have become smart and as a result, the Internet of Things is a topic being discussed by facility managers with greater frequency. As the industry has expanded, people are more aware of control systems and how they function than ever before, but the idea of a BMS is not a new concept. They have gradually evolved over the last 50 plus years into the advanced systems we increasingly depend on and thanks to a variety of new technological advancements, today‚Äôs smart building technology is influencing BMS development like never before.  

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Topics: Controls, efficiency, building management systems, IoT

Jam-Packed June Photo Editorial!

Posted by Shannon Shea on June 15, 2017

Although we are only halfway through the month of June, Fairbanks Energy has been busy attending a variety of events this month! Check out some pictures from Saleforce's World Tour, The Assosication of Energy Engineers Golf Tournament, Eversource's Boston Children's Hospital Walk, The Connecticut Conference of Independent Colleges, and Northeastern University's Massachusetts Family Business Awards. See more below.

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Topics: Photo Editorial, family business, university, efficiency

As colleges seek endowment returns, energy investments could be safest bet

Posted by Shannon Shea on May 23, 2017

Peter Fairbanks, President of Fairbanks Energy, authored a piece published in the Boston Business Journal on investing in efficiency improvements at college and university campuses. Read the peice below:

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Topics: financing, university, college, efficiency, endowmentfunds