Top 5 Controls Blogs from 2020

By Bryan Rackowski
Controls Engineer at Fairbanks Energy Services

It’s always interesting to see what people are reading. In a year when many of us spent more time working remotely, we saw a rise in the readership of our energy articles. While our blog covers a variety of topics related to energy efficiency, this selection focuses on the posts that examined controls and building automation. Here are the top 5 blogs about controls from 2020:


Open Protocol BMS and the Importance of Niagara N4


One of our most popular articles, this blog takes a deep dive into how open protocol BMS works and what Niagara N4 means. We work with all types of control systems and leveraging an open protocol can significantly benefit clients struggling to integrate equipment and systems. This post helps to explain how this works and what “open protocol” can mean in the context of an energy efficiency project.

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How to Leverage Remote Monitoring with Building Management Systems

adamfair - Copy

Remotely monitoring buildings became even more important in 2020. This capability is possible for many large commercial/industrial facilities by implementing a controls strategy. Learn the scenarios when remote monitoring makes sense and how they work in this blog by our CEO, Adam Fairbanks.

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From PMS to EMS [How Hotel Energy Management Systems Work]


No matter the industry, there’s an application for better controls and improved building management systems. This post takes a closer look at automation in the hospitality industry, specifically the relationship between property management systems and energy management systems in hotels. By integrating systems together, hotels can both improve the guest experience and decrease energy use.

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A 3-Step Process for Building Effective Lighting Controls Systems

Tom Mahoney Headshot2

Project Manager, Tom Mahoney, shares his perspective on LED lighting controls in this blog. Increasingly, LED lighting installations include some level of controls. This 3 step process explains a simple and straightforward way of understanding how to gain the benefits of better lighting controls for your own facilities.

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What do the Nokia 1011 & Building Management System Upgrades Have in Common?


Just as the original Nokia evolved into the smartphones we all know and love today, so too did building management systems change over time. Integrating building thermostats to modern building controls can provide significant savings opportunities for large commercial and industrial buildings facing high utility bills.

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Originally published on January 25, 2021 | Last updated on 01/29/2021

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