The Faster the Race, the Stronger the Team

    April 2, 2019

    Marketing Manager at Fairbanks Energy Services

    While we usually stay busy slowing down VFDs, Fairbanks Energy recently tried our hand at speeding things up. Donned in thick red and black suits with identical crash helmets, the Fairbanks Energy Services team raced to the finish at X1 Boston for a recent team building event.

    One of our most popular employee events, the annual X1 kart race lets us take a short break from saving energy to race each other on the European style kart tracks. This photo editorial gives a glimpse of the fun!


    Fairbanks Energy team members suit up.



    We raced three qualifying rounds to set our order for the big race.



    The karts reach about 40 MPH, which feels pretty fast when you’re 6 inches off the ground.



    Taking the lead as fast as a Fairbanks Energy Services project payback period!



    Wrapping up the race.




    The team felt quite the “ΔT” after removing our helmets and suits.



    After racing, we gathered for drinks and games in the adjoining billiards room.



    Who won the cup?



    Congratulations to Ross Fairbanks, COO, for his big win!





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