Setting and Exceeding Kilowatt Hours Savings Goals

    February 25, 2019

    Marketing Manager at Fairbanks Energy Services

    No matter your industry, setting kilowatt hours (kWh) savings goals can make a big difference to the efficiency of your facilities. Part of our work as an energy engineering firm is to help identify, set and exceed kWh savings goals on behalf of our customers.

    National Grid, one of the New England utilities we work with, recently granted Fairbanks Energy Services a Significant Contribution Award and Project Expediter Achievement Award because of how well we met efficiency goals in 2018. We’re proud of our success and there are several reasons for these achievements.

    Saving kWh across industries

    Every type of facility or building needs to use energy efficiently. The top 3 industries that Fairbanks Energy achieved the most kWh savings for in 2018 were:


    Working with experienced engineers

    Energy efficiency projects can be complicated to execute if they don’t have the right project managers. They often involve several major upgrades, multiple types of new equipment or fixtures, utility incentives, careful project financials, engaging subcontractors and more.

    However, engineers with experience in energy efficiency projects know how to manage them properly. They can set and achieve kWh savings goals since they’ve done it hundreds of times. The engineers at Fairbanks Energy Services have over 30 years of experience exceeding kWh savings goals. We can perform these efficiency projects with no interruptions to the customer’s business activities while maximizing savings.


    Completing the right projects

    Some spaces require new lighting to save energy while others need better controls or upgraded HVAC systems. Exceeding kWh savings goals really depends on what each facility needs to improve. In 2018, the projects completed by Fairbanks Energy Services that saved the most kWh included:

    • LED fixtures with networked lighting controls
    • Building Management Systems (BMS) upgrades
    • HVAC/mechanical upgrades


    Signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

    Some companies may have the opportunity to sign an MOU with their local utility. Depending on the size of the company and their projects, utilities could be interested in signing an MOU with a company that outlines how they’ll work together for collaborative energy conservation that could allow for higher incentives. This type of agreement can help companies and utilities collaboratively set and work towards kWh savings goals.

    Reach out if you want help exceeding your own kWh savings goals this year.


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