Photo Editorial: 2017 Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit

By Shannon Shea
Marketing Manager at Fairbanks Energy Services

Fairbanks Energy Services sponsored the 2017 Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit, 451 Research's premier event for the hosting, cloud computing, data center and Internet infrastructure sectors. The event was held September 18 through the 20th at the Bellagio Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Data centers and colocation facilities are critical infrastructure necessary for hosting and cloud services. Users of a tremendous amount of energy - and facilities that must maintain 100% uptime - data centers benefit from a variety of efficiency and optimization solutions.

Fairbanks Energy shared their data center efficiency strategies and best practices, including complex and custom controls integrations, with the audience of this year’s HCTS at booth #31. Enjoy some pictures from the event below!


Shannon (Marketing), Adam (CEO), Steve (Director of Data Center Business Development), Coy (VP of Data Center Operations) and TJ (Director, Controls Services) were each present at booth #31 during the event to meet with attendees about our services for data centers.



Opening night cocktail reception



Booth setup!



Our slideshow presentation featuring our services and project examples



Sitting in on "THE FUTURE OF CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE" with William Fellows, Founder & Research Vice President, 451 Research



Peter Hopper, CEO and Founder of DH Capital captivates a crowded room with his key industry trends, the unprecedented level of M&A activity in the sector as well as expectations for the coming year.



We wrapped up a full day of informational sessions with Raging Wire Data Center's annual party at HYDE!



Until next time, Vegas!


Contact us below for more information about Fairbanks Energy's solutions for data centers.

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Originally published on September 26, 2017 | Last updated on 08/21/2020

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