Finishing First: 2016 Year in Review

Posted on December 20, 2016


Our second full year in business is concluding and Fairbanks Energy Services is excited to share a review of some key highlights from the last 12 months. It’s been a great year for our company and we look forward to increased growth and opportunities to support efficiency projects around the country in 2017!

Here’s a recap of our work over the last year:

National Efficiency

As energy efficiency demands grow across the country, Fairbanks Energy rose to meet them and opened two new offices.

  • Hartford, Connecticut: Our Connecticut location extended our reach along the East Coast as we navigate new utility incentive opportunities, efficiency projects, and energy considerations for businesses and institutions located down the coast from our Boston headquarters. Connecticut was named among the top 10 states committed to energy efficiency by the American Council for an Energy Efficiency Economy (ACEEE) this year.
  • Chicago, Illinois: Based just outside Chicago, this location joins the growing Midwest movement dedicated to improving efficiency in commercial and industrial company buildings. The Chicago office is led by Robert Golden and George Lauber who bring a combined 45+ years of experience in sustainable business ventures in the Midwest region.

Our People

We brought on board so many smart, experienced, all-together great people in the last year that we couldn’t do them justice by listing everyone. Instead, here are three featured announcements of personnel that joined our team:


Jay Benson, Business Development Manager

Jay can usually be found in conversation, whether around the office, on the phone, or at a job site. His extensive networks around Massachusetts and past experience with Lutron Electronics give Jay a unique perspective as he supports Fairbanks Energy’s projects in the Greater New England area.



Sabin Rossi, Business Development Director

Leading the charge in Connecticut, Sabin has held numerous executive roles in the energy industry, including Partner with World Power Group and President of Tethys Petroleum. He can be found in all regions of Connecticut but is primarily based in Hartford.



Shannon Shea, Marketing Manager

Shannon is a recent graduate of Westfield State University with a degree in Communications. Her energy and innovation have brought leaps of growth to our marketing efforts this year and set the groundwork for campaigns ahead. If you were able to join us at Top of the Hub or at Patriot’s Place for an event this year, you’ll have witnessed Shannon’s marketing expertise in action.


Meet & Greet

Our two networking events this year were a great opportunity to connect with colleagues and customers in the industry.

After NEEECE in June (the New England Energy Efficiency Conference), we brought conference attendees and friends of Fairbanks Energy together at Top of the Hub. We were excited to engage in networking opportunities with a diverse array of companies and executives leading efficiency initiatives in multiple industries.

Some of our team attended National Grid’s Customer & Partner Energy Efficiency Summit event in October, and afterwards we hosted a reception at Splitsville Bowling Alley! Anyone familiar with Scott Zolak of the New England Patriots? He made an appearance as well. 

Looking Ahead

Beyond our anticipated expansion in 2017, we’re excited to attend more industry events and apply our expertise to projects across multiple verticals. Be sure to read our latest news and stay in touch for updates. Our committment to energy efficiency is matched only by yours.

Happy New Year! See you in 2017.

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