Fairbanks Energy Services Publishes to Commercial Property Executive on Why to Consider Retrocommissioning

    Executive Vice President, Control Services at Fairbanks Energy Services

    December 27, 2019

    Ken Rackowski, Executive VP of  Fairbanks Energy Services’ Control’s Division, recently contributed to Commercial Property Executive’s viewpoints Section, which is their forum for guest columns and commentary. In the article titled “Retrocommissioning Reconsidered”, Ken highlights how improving your facility's infrastructures, equipment and energy systems can yield very significant returns.

    Despite requiring a considerable investment of time and capital, retrocommissioning benefits are numerous. Besides the clear advantages of fixed and updated equipment specifically targeted to the facility’s needs, retrocommissioning can also yield the following: 


    • Lower maintenance costs
    • Increased energy savings
    • Better indoor air quality
    • Longer equipment lifespans
    • Improved equipment productivity
    • Fewer change orders
    • Financial savings

    Building Managers are often hesitant to take this approach, due to the complexity it may bring. Because of this, Rackowski recommends consulting a qualified firm capable of performing an energy audit, in order to identify the benefits that retrocommissioning might bring to the table.

    At Fairbanks Energy Services, we offer a professional, no-cost energy audit along with a report with initial findings and estimates of costs and savings.

    If you would like to learn more about our free energy audit, please click this link or reach out to us.


    Read the full article at Commercial Property Executive

    Originally published on February 23, 2018 | Last updated on 12/27/2019


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