Fairbanks Energy Services Engineers Sustainability Project at Thayer Academy, Saving 630,000 kWh Annually

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    October 22, 2019

    Independent high school bolsters commitment to lowering energy use with campus-wide LED lighting efficiency solutions, implemented by Thayer alumni

    HINGHAM & BRAINTREE, Mass.--()--Fairbanks Energy Services, a full-service design/build energy efficiency firm and developer of comprehensive commercial and industrial efficiency projects, today announced the completion of LED lighting solutions designed for Thayer Academy.

    “Fairbanks Energy is thrilled to help Thayer Academy meet their energy targets”

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    The Massachusetts-based independent high school will save over $115,000 annually and experience a project payback of 2.4 years. Returning to familiar ground for this project, Fairbanks Energy leadership CEO Adam Fairbanks ‘96 and COO Ross Fairbanks ‘00 are both Thayer alums.

    The LED lighting project included new LED fixtures, LED lighting retrofits, and advanced controls. The lighting controls enable occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, high-end tuning, and grouping which allows for greater flexibility and significant energy savings for Thayer Academy.

    The independent school will save over 625,000 kWh annually through the LED lighting upgrade, with an additional 6,900 kWh saved due to daylight savings and occupancy sensors.

    Fairbanks Energy installed over 2,000 fixtures in Thayer’s Upper School, including:

    • CFA Building
    • Southworth Library
    • Frothingham Hall
    • Main Building
    • Glover Building
    • Fish Center for Physical Fitness
    • Exterior fixtures across the entire Upper School campus


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    Energy efficiency measures by Fairbanks Energy are designed to meet the energy goals of companies across business sectors, including education, healthcare, manufacturing, and biotech, among others.

    Rooted in both environmental integrity and fiscal responsibility, Thayer Academy’s sustainability initiatives reflect a school-wide commitment to the kinds of efficiency targets educational institutions are taking on across the country.


    “We are excited about meeting sustainability goals with a project designed and built by Thayer Academy alumni,” said Julaine McInnis, Chief Financial and Operations Officer, Thayer Academy. “These custom-engineered efficiency solutions support our commitment to environmental results and fiscally responsible projects. Students at Thayer benefit from these measures, both in the effectiveness of improved lighting on campus and the example of actionable energy savings in day-to-day campus operations.”


    “Fairbanks Energy is thrilled to help Thayer Academy meet their energy targets,” said Adam Fairbanks, CEO, Fairbanks Energy Services. “While I am excited about the energy and financial savings the institution will benefit from through this project, I also understand the importance of creating a sustainable campus for students of Thayer, having experienced what this school has to offer as a former student.”


    Graduates of Thayer Academy, Adam Fairbanks and Ross Fairbanks started Fairbanks Energy Services in 2014 alongside their father, Peter Fairbanks (President of Fairbanks Energy). Exemplifying Thayer’s values of tradition and innovation, Fairbanks Energy Services delivers energy projects for businesses interested in retrofitting outdated systems, lowering energy use, and saving operational expense with cutting-edge efficiency solutions. The team’s work in education includes projects with Milton Academy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Providence College, and Simmons University, among others.

    About Thayer Academy

    Founded in 1877, Thayer Academy is an independent, co-ed day school in Braintree for grades 5–12. Thayer students thrive in an environment distinguished by rigorous academics and diverse extracurricular activities within a supportive and vibrant community. Classes are small, designed to foster intellectual and personal growth. Because of the way days are scheduled, students don’t need to choose at Thayer — they can be performers, artists, athletes, and curious and engaged students. Easily accessible from public transportation and bus routes from Boston, MetroWest, and the South Shore, Thayer draws students from 76 communities.

    Learn more at https://www.thayer.org/.

    About Fairbanks Energy Services

    Fairbanks Energy Services is a full-service design/build energy efficiency firm dedicated to providing cost-effective retrofit solutions for our clients. Our comprehensive approach and deep knowledge of federal, state and municipal incentive programs allows us to identify, develop and install solutions that maximize savings while minimizing capital outlay. The team’s 30 years of experience in providing energy conservation services for commercial and industrial clients throughout the country enable Fairbanks Energy to create energy-saving solutions that are also aligned with the comfort, aesthetics and budgetary needs of clients and their employees.

    Learn more at https://www.fairbanksenergy.com.

    View the press release at Business Wire.

    Originally published on October 22, 2019 | Last updated on 10/22/2019


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