Photo Editorial: Fairbanks Energy Services 2019 Company Boat Cruise

    July 18, 2019

    Marketing Manager at Fairbanks Energy Services

    The New England-based Fairbanks Energy Services team took to the high seas last week for our annual company boat cruise. This 3-hour event takes the team out of Marina Bay, Quincy and up the coast to view the Boston skyline from the water. If you don't know them already, scroll through to meet the team and view photos of the event.


    This is just one of several, competitive games of corn hole that took place throughout the evening.

    IMG_2428 EDIT


    We all started the event by gathering at Victory Point restaurant, overlooking Marina Bay.

    1 IMG_2408 EDIT


    Chris Davin (project management) and Bryan Rackowski (controls).

    4 IMG_2412 EDIT


    Coy Stine (data centers) and Ross Fairbanks (COO).

    IMG_2418 EDIT


    Steve Carbonier (data centers) and Tom Cashman (project management).

    IMG_2424 EDIT


    Kristin O'Connell (accounting) and Bob Masland (controls).

    IMG_2423 EDIT

    IMG_2444 EDIT


    Tossing for the win!

    IMG_2421 EDIT


    Chris Recine (sales engineering) and Chris Davin.

    IMG_2422 EDIT

    IMG_2433 EDIT


    Chris Recine, Tom Mahoney (project management), Jim Taxiera (sales engineering) and Adam Farragher (sales and project management).

    IMG_2415 EDIT


    Adam Fairbanks (CEO) and the newest person to join Fairbanks Energy Services, Northeastern Co-Op Logan Gross.

    IMG_2425 EDIT

    IMG_2451 EDIT


    Will Raymond (business development) and Adam Farragher.

    IMG_2441 EDIT

    IMG_2452 EDIT


    We always enjoy the opportunity to gather together as a whole team!

    IMG_2457 EDIT


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