Cross That Finish Line!

By Crystal Camp
Marketing and Research Co-op at Fairbanks Energy Services

What event did your company host for employees this month? Here at Fairbanks Energy Services we work hard every day. From crunching numbers to traveling the country, we are constantly on deadlines to make sure our clients get the efficiency upgrades they need. But the fantastic thing about this company is, we feel the appreciation for our hard work and get to occasionally find the time to get together and have some fun. This month, we held our annual GoKart racing event at X1 Boston! Scroll through for pics ⬇️


Check out last year's event here:

2019 photos »

dig it Fun cars-1

Richard Bransen is known for saying, “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to.” I can tell you that the previous sentence resonates in our office. Google might be the great office standard but between snacks, coffee and regular events, Fairbanks Energy isn't far behind!

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All 13 good

As a fast-paced company we all work hard to deliver the best possible efficiency solutions available, but we make sure to have fun every few months with a company sponsored outing. This week we got to race Go Karts and compete for the Fairbanks Energy Services Kart Racing trophy! An annual event, this outing gives us a chance to reconnect with each other. Congratulations to our 2020 winner, Adam Fairbanks!

X1 3.5 X1 4 Champion edit X1 5


also cool

The food and drinks were excellent. It was especially nice to take an afternoon and fill it with some laughs with people who are part of the Fairbanks Family… literally! Our CEO, COO and President are the original Fairbanks family, father + two sons, where our name originated.

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X1 7.9 X1 7 X1 7.5

We started out at X1 Racing in Braintree, MA and moved on to a fun, high-top table after-party where additional competitive energy thrived via our tabletop mini-basketball tournament, "Fairbanks Energy Madness."

X1 9 X1 10
X1 11 X1 12

Thanks for a great outing, Fairbanks Energy!

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Ladies X1 19
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See you all next year 🏆

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Originally published on February 28, 2020 | Last updated on 02/28/2020

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