Energy Insights

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    Meeting the Challenges of Data Center Lighting Projects

    Data centers are facilities that contain concentrated infrastructure of equipment for the purpose of computing data. The vast...

    Tags: Data Center, LED Lighting, Energy Efficiency

    Sustainability, Carbon and Legislation [NYC Climate Mobilization Act]

    Carbon is all around us. Planes, trains and automobiles produce carbon emissions, and our own energy expenditures add to the...

    Tags: New York City, Energy Efficiency, Local Law 97

    Invest Now or Pay Later for NYC Carbon Emissions

    As time ticks on, building owners and managers alike in New York City need to assess their carbon footprint. The year 2024 is...

    Tags: New York City, Energy Efficiency, Local Law 97

    Why Energy Efficiency is Important for the Power Grid

    Modern life requires electricity. Whether charging a device or using your stove, you’re utilizing “the grid.” The electric...

    Tags: Thought Leadership, Energy Efficiency, Energy Services