March 14, 2017 by Ross Fairbanks

    LED vs. Fluorescent: Who Lights Up Better

    Long before the invention of LED lighting technology, the incandescent bulb helped to launch the era of modern lighting. Many improvements were made to incandescent bulbs over time, but...


    February 22, 2017 by Ross Fairbanks

    Shining a Light on LEDs: An Interview with Ross Fairbanks, COO, Fairbanks Energy Services

    We recently sat down with Fairbanks Energy’s COO, Ross Fairbanks, to learn about LED lighting and his thoughts on the lighting retrofit industry. With a Bachelors in Science from Bucknell...


    February 16, 2017 by Ross Fairbanks

    Setting the Mood: LED Lighting Color Temperature

    The color temperature of LEDs is an aesthetic choice, and facility managers may have their own preference for each setting and application. Learn more below about which color temperatures are...