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    April 26, 2019 by Peter Fairbanks | 3 minute read

    AHU Refurbishment 101

    What’s both central to the HVAC system and a large consumer of energy costs for your facility? The Air Handling Unit (or AHU). Air Handling Units condition and circulate air in a building or...


    February 22, 2019 by Peter Fairbanks | 3 minute read

    3 Facts to Know About Utility Incentives in Connecticut

    Three affiliated hospitals in Connecticut have recently qualified for over $3,200,000 of electric and gas utility incentives. The energy efficiency project that achieved these numbers resulted in...


    August 28, 2018 by Peter Fairbanks | 6 minute read

    Hospital Energy Use: Taking Advantage of Energy Efficiency

    According to the U.S. Department of Energy, healthcare is one of the top five energy-consuming building categories and accounts for nine percent of energy use in commercial buildings. With utility...


    June 15, 2017 by Peter Fairbanks | 4 minute read

    Campus Energy Efficiency Programs: How It’s Done

    This blog post is an excerpt from "The Missed Investment: How College and University Endowment Funds Can Achieve the Highest and Safest Return" by Peter Fairbanks, President of Fairbanks Energy...


    May 23, 2017 by Peter Fairbanks | 2 minute read

    Energy Efficiency Investments in Higher Education

    College and university endowments are managed by financial professionals who generally invest in a portfolio of equity and bond investment vehicles that will produce a 5 - 6% return (in a good...


    January 31, 2017 by Peter Fairbanks | 3 minute read

    3 Challenges of Hospital Retrofits

    Hospitals present many opportunities for improvement if efficiency projects are implemented with attention to their primary functions as healthcare facilities. These are our "3 P's" to consider...


    January 18, 2017 by Peter Fairbanks | 4 minute read

    A Prescription for Energy Efficiency in Healthcare

    Hospitals are among the most energy intensive facilities in the United States. With the rising cost of energy, many healthcare facilities are seeking ways to cut costs without compromising the...