January 30, 2020 by Jim Taxiera | 2 minute read | HVAC/Mechanical, Property Management

    The Impact of Oxygen In Your Office

    Sitting in your office in the winter, do you ever feel a little sleepy?  Ever think to yourself, "why am I tired at work?" This might be due to...


    Importance of Updating HVAC in Pharma + Biotech

    The ability to control and automate building systems, including HVAC, is an obvious gain for a facility manager. HVAC systems form a critical...


    October 31, 2018 by Jim Taxiera | 3 minute read | HVAC/Mechanical

    The Mechanics of Mechanical Engineering

    We sat down with James Taxiera, Senior Mechanical Engineer at Fairbanks Energy Services, to discuss his background and thoughts on current trends...