Energy Insights

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    Energy Efficiency in Higher Education

    In the U.S., higher education facilities spend an average of $1.10 per square foot on electricity costs, 31% ($0.34) of which...

    Tags: LED Lighting, Energy Efficiency, Education

    New York Local Law 88: The Right Time to Upgrade Your Lighting is Now
    The impressive reductions in operating costs and energy usage from modern LED lighting have been a catalyst for the...

    Tags: LED Lighting, New York City

    Fairbanks Energy Services Secures Validated Power Savings for vXchnge

    Installation of efficient lighting and modern controls leads to proven annual energy savings of 244,000 kWh for vXchnge’s...

    Tags: Data Center, LED Lighting, Press Release

    Qualifying Your Efficiency Project for Utility Incentives

    Our homes, businesses, schools and governments collectively consume more than 70 percent of the natural gas and electricity...

    Tags: Utility Incentives, Energy Efficiency