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    December 12, 2019 by Bob Masland | 3 minute read

    What do the Nokia 1011 & Building Management System Upgrades Have in Common?

    Are you reading this from your Nokia 1011? No… you aren’t. That is a fact. The Nokia 1011 is the iconic, indestructible, first-gen cell phone from last century. At the time, these were the best...


    July 24, 2019 by Bob Masland | 3 minute read

    Building Automation System Unification: A Portal to Energy Efficiency

    Many of sites we visit have more than one vendor’s building automation system and, more often than not, these systems aren’t connected. This can happen as a result of public bid projects that have...


    April 24, 2019 by Bob Masland | 5 minute read

    Open Protocol BMS and the Importance of Niagara N4

    If you’re managing a facility with standard HVAC/mechanical systems, you probably have some form of a Building Management System (BMS). Like how the iPhone changed communication with its launch in...


    February 20, 2019 by Bob Masland | 5 minute read

    Unlocking the Question: Why is My Controls System Not Working?

    An Interview with Bob Masland, Business Development Manager of Controls Solutions, Fairbanks Energy Services.

    Why is a controls system not working right? While we can’t immediately answer that due...