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    Energy Consumption by Sector [Charts and Data Points]

    Breaking down energy use by industry can also help identify the potential for energy efficiency in that sector as well....

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    6 Ways a Commercial Lighting Redesign Saves Energy

    We often examine lighting at the fixture level: the specific type of LED, cost per piece to install, rated wattage, number of...

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    Watts: Understanding Power Equivalents

    James Watt contributed so many engineering advancements in the late 1700s that we named the “watt” after him: a single unit of...

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    Sustainability Strategies for Independent Schools

    Adam Farragher sits on both our project management and business development teams, allowing him a unique perspective on the...

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    Premium Lighting for a Premium Product

    Deep in the New Hampshire woods, a manufacturing facility creates some of the finest chocolate on the shelf. Committed to...

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    The Benefits of Modern Lighting on Parking Areas

    As any seasoned facility manager can tell you, there are ample opportunities to reduce a company’s energy usage both inside...

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