Fairbanks Energy Services Project Spotlight: Parking Areas

By Tom Mahoney
Project Manager at Fairbanks Energy Services

With near 2 billion parking spaces in the U.S., and a third of them being located in parking lots, the parking garage sector accounts for a significant amount of real estate in cities and towns nationwide. Within this market, building owners spend more than $6 billion to light their parking lots and garages. By upgrading traditional parking garage fixtures to LED lighting with lighting controls, significant advantages can be obtained in regard to finance and safety.

In our last blog post, we covered The Benefits of Modern Lighting in Parking Areas. Check out some examples from our own projects below. 



Parking Lot Solar LED Lighting Upgrade 

Fairbanks Energy completed a solar LED lighting project at MIT Cambridge Real Estate LLC’s Cambridge, MA parking lot, managed by JLL.  Originally without any form of illumination, the parking lot now provides high-efficiency LED light for patrons of the business after dark. Thanks to the implementation of solar powered solutions, the lighting consumes no electricity from the utility, which accounts for $48,000 in life span energy savings.


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Property Management Parking Garage LED Lighting Upgrades 

Fairbanks Energy has completed LED lighting upgrades at two of Oxford Properties parking garages in Boston, MA. At 1 Memorial Drive, Fairbanks Energy replaced 290 fluorescent fixtures with LEDs, saving the property over 194,000 kWh annually.

At Oxford Properties' 60 State Street garage, Fairbanks Energy retrofitted the existing fluorescent fixtures with LEDs integrated with occupancy sensors. The project reduces energy use by 133,000 kWh annually. 

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Hospital Parking Garage LED Lighting Upgrade 

As part of a large-scale energy efficiency project at Edward Elmhurst Health, Fairbanks Energy upgraded the hospitals parking garage lighting. A total of 748 fixtures were upgraded from 100W induction garage fixtures to LEDs integrated with control sensors. As a result, the parking garage lighting upgrade saves the hospital $60,000 and 634,000 kWh annually.

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When is the last time you have had your parking lot lighting looked at? 

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Originally published on March 30, 2018 | Last updated on 02/04/2020

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