2021 Beach Cleanup Photo Editorial

On a sunny, Thursday afternoon in May, the Fairbanks Energy team donated their time to cleaning up a local South Boston beach with the goal to give back to the community.

For this event we partnered with the Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation (BOS), a nonprofit organization that protects marine life in the Gulf of Maine through research, education and inspiring action. In the last 20 years, BOS, with the support of several volunteers, has removed an impressive 170,000+ pounds of litter from local beaches and continues to encourage others to participate in their own collection and research.

Prior to heading to Carson Beach, we were fortunate to attend a virtual presentation hosted by naturalist, and executive director of BOS, Jen Kennedy, to learn more about the organization’s research efforts and tips for our own cleanup.


Cleaning up Carson Beach

At the beach, we broke up into teams armed with trash bags, recycling bags, heavy duty gloves and the National Geographic Debris Tracker app to track our collection and submit data that can be used by researchers in developing pollution solutions. In just one hour, our team was able to collect roughly 500 items ranging from plastic food wrappers to glass bottles and discarded cigarette butts.

After a year of attending virtual events caused by the pandemic that didn’t allow us to interact within the community, we are so glad to have had the opportunity to host this cleanup event to both spend some time as a team as well as give back. Though this was the first time we had held a beach cleanup as an organization, we can confidently say that it will not be our last!

Supporting our community and environment, as well as providing energy efficiency services is at the core of the Fairbanks Energy Services' mission and ethos. We had a great time and are proud to share these photos from the event. Thanks to everyone on the FES team for participating!




Thomas Drover (project management), Tom Mahoney (project management), and Adam Farragher (sales and business development). 16-1

Caroline Haley (marketing) keeping track of collection and data recording.IMG_0014-1

Paul Tosti (controls), Tom Cashman (project management) and Kristin O'Connell (accounting).

Thomas Drover (project management), Adam Farragher (sales and business development) and Tom Willmott (HVAC project management).3-1

Ashley Arruda and Sasha Shrestha, our latest co-ops.

Bianca Lonergan (accounting) and Caroline Haley (marketing) in matching outfits!IMG_0015-1

Katrina Wark (sales) and Dawn Burke (accounting) separating the recycling from the trash.5-3


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Originally published on May 19, 2021 | Last updated on 05/20/2021

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