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    7 Reasons to Invest in Energy Efficiency Solutions

    Energy efficiency solutions typically refer to the set of building or facility improvements designed to decrease energy use....

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    Tags: Financing, Thought Leadership, Energy Efficiency

    What Are You Waiting For? [Cost of Waiting Pt 2]

    If you’ve ever thought of taking on an efficiency project, such as installing to LED lighting or moving forward with ...

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    A New Perspective on the Benefits of LED Solutions

    LED solutions have rapidly grown in popularity, unsurprisingly for their energy efficiency and long-term cost effectiveness....

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    How to Manage Operating Room HVAC for Efficiency

    Hospitals demand high energy use from HVAC systems, operating rooms in particular. The ANSI/ASHRAE/ASHE codes that govern...

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    Tags: Healthcare, Energy Efficiency, HVAC/Mechanical

    Top 5 Controls Blogs from 2020

    It’s always interesting to see what people are reading. In a year when many of us spent more time working remotely, we saw a...

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    Tags: Controls, Energy Efficiency, Building Management Systems

    Lab Light and Live Experiments [Biotech Lighting Project]

    As a project manager for Fairbanks Energy Services, I’m responsible for facilitating the design/build process for the energy...

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    Tags: LED Lighting, Biotechnology, Project Management

    4 Key Takeaways for Midwest HVAC Energy Efficiency

    After years of working on Midwest HVAC systems, sometimes it’s good for facility managers to remember two basic truths...

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    Tags: Energy Efficiency, HVAC/Mechanical, Chicago

    Energy Efficiency 2020: Lessons Learned

    2020 was a challenging year for everyone. But we’ve been inspired to see our colleagues and clients rise to meet unexpected...

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    Tags: Fairbanks Energy, Thought Leadership, Energy Efficiency

    Experiences in Mechanical Engineering

    Mechanical engineering is unique because of its breadth: a number of different fields and focuses sit under one area of study....

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    Looking at 2020 Energy Efficiency Numbers: Business Model of Sustainability

    As I wrap up my six-month co-op experience at Fairbanks Energy Services, I’m reminded of what initially drew me to Fairbanks...

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    LED Lighting and Footcandles: Definition and Purpose

    If you’ve had to upgrade lighting, choose fixtures, design new lighting for a space or manage a building that has lighting,...

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    Tags: LED Lighting, Thought Leadership, Energy Efficiency

    4 Benefits of Custom Lighting for Manufacturers

    “Custom” can sometimes feel out of reach. Custom suits, custom-designed cars, anything with a monogram – they cost more, they...

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    Tags: Energy Efficiency, Manufacturing, Energy Services