Energy Efficiency in Higher Education

Posted by Shannon Shea on November 16, 2018

In the U.S., higher education facilities spend an average of $1.10 per square foot on electricity costs, 31% ($0.34) of which are lighting costs. In most colleges and universities, laboratory and residential buildings are the biggest energy users. At Harvard University, for example, while laboratory buildings make up only 22% of the buildings on campus, they use 49% of the total energy; residential buildings and dorms account for 18% of the university’s energy consumption. 

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The Mechanics on Mechanical Engineering with Jim Taxiera, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Fairbanks Energy Services

Posted by Shannon Shea on October 31, 2018

We sat down with James Taxiera, Senior Mechanical Engineer at Fairbanks Energy Services, to discuss his background and thoughts on current trends for mechanical upgrades.

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Making Manufacturing More Efficient

Posted by Shannon Shea on October 16, 2018

Manufacturing facilities use a tremendous amount of energy – for heating and cooling, lighting, and operating equipment. In fact, the industrial sector of the US economy, which includes manufacturing, used about 1/3 of all the energy consumed in the US in 2017. That amounts to $200 billion each year that manufacturers spend to heat, cool, and light their facilities and operate their equipment.

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Fairbanks Energy Services to Discuss Energy Efficiency Solutions at National Grid’s 2018 Energy Solutions Summit

Posted by Shannon Shea on September 27, 2018

National energy conservation firm will highlight recent success stories ranging from LED lighting to mechanical and controls upgrades

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Hotel Energy Efficiency: Cutting Costs While Enhancing Guest Comfort

Posted by Shannon Shea on September 18, 2018

Fairbanks Energy’s Guy Cook answers some questions about how to improve the energy efficiency in your hotel, while minimizing disruption to operations and discomfort to guests.

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Hospital Energy Use: Taking Advantage of Energy Efficiency by Peter Fairbanks, President of Fairbanks Energy Services

Posted by Peter Fairbanks on August 28, 2018

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, healthcare is one of the top five energy-consuming building categories and accounts for nine percent of energy use in commercial buildings. With utility bills making up an average of 1.4 percent of a hospital’s operating revenue, hospitals in the U.S spend about $8.3 billion total on energy costs each year. The impact of these energy costs on an individual hospital is huge. For example, a 200,000 square foot, 50-bed facility spends about $13,600 per bed on energy costs, equaling about $680,000 each year.

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2018 Charity Golf Invitational Photo Editorial

Posted by Shannon Shea on August 21, 2018

Fairbanks Energy Services hosted our Second Annual Charity Golf Invitational this August at Granite Links Golf Club in Quincy, MA. The event brought together customers, vendors and partners of Fairbanks Energy for a fun day outside of the office to raise money for the non-profit charity, AmpSurf. Check out some pictures from the event below.

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Energy retrofit project brings cost savings without patient disruption

Posted by Shannon Shea on August 9, 2018

How can a hospital retrofit its lighting system without affecting patients at all? The strategy that Edward-Elmhurst Health chose was to skip all the lights the patients see.

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Cash flow positive: Financing energy efficiency

Posted by Shannon Shea on August 9, 2018
Energy efficiency retrofits of existing building systems for large commercial and industrial facilities are one of the best investments companies can make to reduce their operational expenses. In higher cost of energy areas of the country, the savings of the projects combined with incentives from the local utility and tax benefits typically result in projects with an annual rate of return greater than 33%.
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Fairbanks Energy Services and RENEW Energy Partners Help Chelsea, Massachusetts-Based Signature Breads Save Over Two Million Kilowatt Hours Through Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Posted by Shannon Shea on August 9, 2018

Design and installation of LED Lighting and Building Management System by leading energy conservation provider has yielded an annual saving of more than $200,000 while securing utility incentives and rebates of more than $320,000

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