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    Can LED Lighting Make You More Productive?

    July 16, 2019

    5G? Edge Computing? Liquid Cooling? Questions from CAPRE Boston

    July 11, 2019

    I probably heard the term “5G” mentioned over 50 times at CAPRE’s Boston data center event. A hot topic for the industry, the introduction of 5G networks will impact data centers across the board, from enterprise and colos to facilities and IT. An event developed for the local Boston data center community, CAPRE featured sessions targeting current solutions or issues affecting data centers both locally and nationally. Speakers addressed topics such as the impact of 5G, how liquid cooling may play a role in future operations and whether we’ve hit capacity for new data center builds, among others. Here are some of the insights I took away from the event.

    Premium Lighting for a Premium Product

    June 18, 2019

    Deep in the New Hampshire woods, a manufacturing facility creates some of the finest chocolate on the shelf. Committed to delivering excellence, this production facility is also aware of their environmental impact and working conditions, which led them to consider energy efficiency measures. This project was an LED lighting upgrade in one of the production facilities on site. However, as with many high-ceiling projects, such as manufacturing sites or warehouses, we were challenged by limited clearance above the drop ceiling when installing the fixtures into a space full of other piping and an existing lighting layout – all of this over active manufacturing equipment. Here’s how we completed this project.

    Are You in Hot Water [Boilers]?

    June 10, 2019

    A custom-engineered hot water boiler upgrade is saving one of our Cambridge, MA-based customers over $140,000 annually. Energy services – like LED lighting upgrades, data center mechanical optimization or building management system improvements – that include boiler retrofits, are designed to be attractive to both finance and facilities teams. The best-designed energy services projects improve facility operations on site, prove back their ROI within a reasonable payback period (typically 2-5 years, though some of our best projects have come in close to 1-year payback) and of course: save energy. At this luxury condo site in Massachusetts, our energy services focused on HVAC and mechanical savings.

    Security Camera Fixtures and Color Tuning: LIGHTFAIR Recap 2019

    June 4, 2019

    I sat down with Ross Fairbanks, our COO, to talk about LIGHTFAIR 2019 and what we experienced from the event as a company. We’ve both been to 10+ years of LIGHTFAIRs over time so it’s always interesting to compare them, year to year. For 2019, we brought several members of our lighting team and caught up with multiple partners and customers at the event. Ross and I both agreed, the relationship-building element of the show was definitely a highlight this year. Here are some of our other takeaways.

    Attention to Detail: HVAC in Biotech + Pharmaceutical Facilities

    May 29, 2019

    Chemistry Lab LED Lighting: Solved

    May 24, 2019